Cloud migration

  • Transparency of used IT resources
  • Stable service availability (24 * 7 * 356 * 99.99%)
  • 24/7 support
  • Next level security
  • Large selection of services and integrations

Cloud IT infrastructure

In the past, many people did not trust cloud solutions because of security, but time goes on, modern solutions allow you to control and track everything that happens in the cloud environment, which provides simplified security control and a very convenient management interface, as well as convenient control of the resources used and costs.

Cloud migration

We can help in all stages of the transition from internal IT infrastructure to the cloud, or the creation and integration of a Hybrid configuration.

Hybrid configuration allows you to leave the internal IT infrastructure and integrate with the cloud environment. This configuration is most often used when it is not possible to completely migrate to the cloud, mainly due to programs and databases.

Cloud-to-cloud migration

Using current technologies, you can easily transfer data from one cloud infrastructure to another, for example:

  1. The ABV company has a domain
  2. ABV wants to integrate another company into its cloud environment.
  3. Another company, for example RTK, has the domain and also stores data in the cloud.
  4. Such integration is possible, domain, data and account integration can be done in an hour.


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